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Frequently asked questions about cheese

A number of questions are often asked about cheese.

Questions about storing cheese

How long can cheese be stored?

Our cheeses will keep for a minimum of 3 months if you store them in the refrigerator. If opened, the cheeses can be kept for approximately 2 weeks. Always judge the cheese by its smell, color and taste. Often the cheese will keep longer.

What is the best way to store cheese?

Cheese is best stored in a sheet of cheese paper or a sealable storage box. Cheese paper ensures that the cheese does not dry out and that the flavor is best retained.

Can you keep cheese outside the fridge?

Our cheeses can be kept outside the fridge at the recommended storage temperature of 8 to 15 degrees. However, we do recommend keeping the cheese in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

Questions about cheese and special diets

Is cheese gluten-free?

Cheese is gluten-free as it is not made from gluten-containing grains.

Is cheese lactose-free?
The following cheeses are lactose-free:
- Reypenaer 1 year
- Reypenaer VSOP
- Reypenaer XO Réserve
- Wyngaard Chèvre Affiné
- Wyngaard Chèvre Gris
- Wyngaard Oud Affiné Gember
- Wyngaard Chèvre Rosemary
- Wyngaard Explosion

All cow's milk cheeses less than 10 months old may contain lactose.

Can cheese still be consumed if is moldy?

Cheese is a natural product and sometimes it may be moldy. This is usually the result of a leak in the packaging; please contact us if this is the case. The mold can be cut off the cheese should there be any. Afterwards you can judge the cheese by its smell, color and taste.

Questions about cheese during pregnancy

Can cheese be consumed if you are pregnant?

When you are pregnant, you can only eat pasteurized cheese. For pasteurized cheese, the milk has been heated during the production process to at least 95 degrees Celsius. This kills bacteria and the raw milk traces disappear. All our cheeses are pasteurized and can therefore be consumed.

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