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  • Reypenaer Book of Tastings

Reypenaer Book of Tastings

  • €29.95

  • Ex Tax: €27.48

This book has been published to celebrate the founding of Wijngaard Kaas eighty years ago. It tells the story of the Van den Wijngaard family, who have specialised in ripening cheese with exceptional dedication for three generations. And not just cheese, but the most delicious cheeses in the Netherlands, ripened under the unique conditions of a historic warehouse.
It is also a unique book about tastings in which the Reypenaer and Wyngaard cheeses are paired with different drinks, including beer and wine, jenever (Dutch gin), whisky, rum, port, sherry and Madeira, and as a finishing touch, a remarkable range of fresh mustards. Writing the book was a remarkable search for the best combinations of Reypenaer and Wyngaard with an extensive variety of drinks which you can try at home. Your cheeseboard will be more impressive than it's ever been before.

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