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  • Reypenaer VSOP and Wyngaard Chèvre Gris Duet - 380 g ℮

Reypenaer VSOP and Wyngaard Chèvre Gris Duet - 380 g ℮

  • €22.50

  • Ex Tax: €20.64

This product is a gift duet package with: 1x 1/48 Reypenaer VSOP and 1x 1/48 Wyngaard Chèvre Gris (380 g ℮).

Reypenaer VSOP
Mature, strong, full flavour and fragrance, with delicate crystalline texture.
Aromas: chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, wood.

Wyngaard Chèvre Gris
Deep and complex flavour and fragrance, slightly creamy with fine crystallisation and a touch acidic.
Aromas: walnut, wood, herbs.

About the 2 years historical ripened Reypenaer VSOP

This exceptional cheese melts on the tongue and has an overwhelming aroma and flavour. The fine mineral crystals in the cheese are the result of the crystallisation of proteins and minerals during the two year ripening process. In the summer the temperature increases, caramelising the sugars in the cheese giving it its ochre yellow colour. The VSOP is not only suitable as a dessert but at any other time as a snack with friends. It is a real ʽevening cheeseʼ with a high enjoyment factor.

About the 10 months in special caves ripened Wyngaard Chèvre Gris

This is a wonderful goatʼs cheese. Just like the Affiné, the cheese is made in a small cheese dairy in the province of Overijssel. The goats feed on the tender grass that grows on the peaty soils which gives their milk a special sublime flavour. The cheese is produced in a very traditional artisanal way, just like the Chèvre Affiné. The Chèvre Gris is then ripened for ten months in special cellars where the old Gouda (cow᾽s milk) cheeses are also stored. The goat᾽s cheeses are therefore subject to the same micro-climate so that they develop a creamy colour and a slightly more outspoken, complex flavour. This is an outstanding gourmet cheese as a consequence, but it is also an ideal cheese to use in dishes: grated on pasta and in sauces or in fine flakes on a carpaccio, for example.


This product can be transported unrefrigerated. So no worries about the cheese condition when it takes a few weeks to arrive!


Both cheeses in this duet package are lactose-free.

Ingredients Reypenaer VSOP

2 years traditional ripening. Cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, 48% Fat i.d.m.
Ingredients: COW'S MILK, salt, lactic acid, rennet, preservative: sodium nitrate, colour: Annatto norbixine.

  Per 100 gram:
Nutritional value 1878 kJ / 447 Kcal
Protein 29 gram
Carbohydrates < 0,1 gram
Sugars < 0,1 gram
Fat 36,8 gram
Saturated fat 26,5 gram
Salt 2,1 gram
Ingredients Wyngaard Chèvre Gris

Cheese made from pasteurized goats milk, 50% Fat i.d.m.
Ingredients: GOAT's MILK, salt, lactic acid, rennet.

  Per 100 gram:
Nutritional value 1828 kJ / 435 Kcal
Protein 27,8 gram
Carbohydrates < 0,1 gram
Sugars < 0,1 gram
Fat 36 gram
Saturated fat 28 gram
Salt 4 gram

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