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  • Cheese Leaves Grater

Cheese Leaves Grater

  • €8.75

  • Ex Tax: €7.23

The chefs’ secret? Less cheese, more flavour!

Less cheese and still more flavour? That’s you have with the Reypenaer Cheese Leaves Grater. The strong sharp cutters cut beautiful thin leaves of cheese, which not only present attractive and tasteful and melt excellent in dishes, but also taste very rich and concentrated. Because the more thin and delicate the leave is, the more oxygen adds to the cheese: a perfect flavour. Furthermore, the 1 year old Reypenaer and the 2 years old Reypenaer VSOP are unique traditional cheeses who are ripened patiently in a historical warehouse situated at the Old Rhine in Woerden. That gives them a full, creamy and complex taste who gives courses more flavour than other cheese.
Use the Reypenaer Cheese Leaves Grater for pastas, carpaccio, salads, soups, raclette, crêpes and other tasteful preparations. You really need less.

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